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Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links

Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links

Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links

Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links

Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links

Keith Alstedter, Psy.D Deer Song Journeys Calendar Testimonials Contact Us Links



"I am pleased to recommend the exciting workshops and group events Keith has put together. He is a great teacher and leader, as well as an excellent therapist. His programs will lead you, with clarity and compassion, towards an ever widening development of consciousness."

Hal Stone, Ph.D.
Author (with Sidra Stone) of Embracing Our Selves
and Embracing Each Other, and creator of Voice Dialogue.

“If there is only one truly great thing you ever give yourself let it be one of Keith’s workshops. It was there that I opened my heart, and experienced love, joy, and truth. It was an unbelievable and precious time!”

Rich Santella, Tile Contractor

"I am so grateful to be working with Keith! He is a soul doctor. Keith diagnoses the illness/wounds and myths and then, in partnership with you, systematically releases or heals them so the life force can flow again. He is an inspiration and a great role model!"

Laurie Berger
President and Chief Content Strategist, Content Inc

"I have suffered from depression for over 20 years. After many hours, thousands of dollars in psychotherapy, and just about every antidepressant on the market, life still seemed hopeless. After my session with Dr. Keith Alstedter I felt like I had 40 years of therapy in one hour. Keith was a genius in pin pointing psycho-spiritual issues that have affected my life since childhood, and we resolved them once and for all. His techniques are very special and unique. I no longer take antidepressants nor feel the need for them. Keith is an amazing and truly compassionate healer."

Lori Welsh, Framesmith

“The week with Keith was one of the most wonderful in my life! It opened me up to feelings of joy and initiated an inner journey that has continued to unfold ever since.”

Cynthia Lyon,
Management Consultant

"My personalized weekend retreat with Keith was an incredible learning and growth experience. I have been to a number of spiritual teachers and healers, many of them quite gifted. The retreat with Keith was at a level beyond the others. I found him to be extremely gentle and intuitive. Keith's gift of "knowing" along with choosing wisely from his wide range of tools enabled me to accelerate my learning and growth enormously. I was able to bring simple, gentle and peaceful resolution to issues that would otherwise have taken much, much longer to work through and resolve. It has become clear to me that I have moved to a different place since the weekend thanks to Keith and this positive change has been noticed by others as well.

I am extremely grateful to Keith for the terrific insights I gained and for learning an on-going process which I apply daily. I highly recommend Keith to anyone who wants to move along his or her path in a loving, gentle, accelerated and insightful way."

Paul Hertz, Ph.D.,
President of a Management Consulting Firm, Father of two

"For two weeks, Keith took us on a journey through the South Pacific, canyons, rain forests, and the valleys of our soul. I have never felt so relaxed, deeply alive, and connected with other people and nature. I'm still smiling."

Jeff Marinstein,
Management Consultant

“My experience with Keith was truly transformational.  It was as if he looked straight into my soul, and like the pied piper, beckoned forth the emotions I had so desperately needed to acknowledge but had been afraid to feel on my own.  In his gentle, yet commanding presence, I felt comfortable to face the truths about myself and my relationships that I had avoided.   Our session somehow purged me of my longtime companions of guilt, confusion and exhaustion, and the reverberations of self discovery and insight continued long after I left his office.  Most importantly, Keith gave me the gift of courage to be myself.”

Debra L.Katz, M.S.W.,
Clairvoyant Counselor

“Keith is a wise and gentle partner to journey through your inner self with.  He is clear, committed, and he's loving.  This is the most profound work I have ever done or experienced.  Nothing has made more of a difference in my life.  Keith's work has helped me find "heaven" inside of myself.   It has always been there.  I'd always dreamed of living from there.  I just didn't know how.”

Jill Caro,

"For the first time, I met God within me. I experienced “oneness” and connection with the universe, a concept before I could only intellectualize. The Pleasure In Paradise workshop gave me the tools to find myself, love myself, and even dance with myself. It was a life transforming journey!”

Susan Cohen,
Marketing Consultant

“Keith’s ability to consistently initiate my internal process of self-discovery, healing and expansion is a very special gift.”

Patrick Fitzpatrick,
Sales Director

“The workshop, with Keith, was a beautiful experience. It was the most enjoyable and transformational time in my life. The strength, love and happiness I’ve felt since the trip is delicious. I have a sense that it’s just the beginning!”

Peter Santella,
Group Supervisor

“ I learned so much about myself on our journey into the canyon, and since returning the impact on my life has been tremendous. I have started a journey that has awesome possibilities. Keith has the gift of healing that goes far beyond what any textbook or schooling could ever teach!”

Bob Santella,

“I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on the magnificent island of Virgin Gorda which has altered my life forever. The group that Keith brought together was a great mixture of personalities and we developed an uncanny familiar relationship. This experience left me with a deeper sense of understanding and a profound feeling of inner joy. It was the best gift I could ever give to myself!”

Gail Behrendt,
Account Executive

“No matter how many times I say "thank you" to Keith, mere words can hardly convey the deep gratitude that I feel for how he has helped me to transform my life. Keith has allowed me to discover my true path. Through meditation, prayer, ritual and other techniques that honor the needs of my being - and always with a delightful sense of humor - Keith has gently guided me towards a wholeness of spirit, which has inevitably led to renewing my connection with God. And by bringing me together with others similarly situated, he has taught me how to open up to supporting and being supported by others. As I travel my path as a woman, wife and mother, and as I study towards becoming a rabbi and healer, thanks to Keith I do so with solidity, expansiveness, great faith and love.

Batya Diamond,
Rabbinical Student and Mother

"I am eternally grateful to Dr. Keith Alstedter. I have attended many workshops, read many books and worked with many healers. I can say with absolute conviction that no one has had more insight or more practical and successful strategies for dealing with my long-standing issues than Keith.

In one short weekend, he compassionately helped me to understand those aspects of my essence that I had long ago disowned and had been struggling with over and over again. Keith’s unique psycho-spiritual approach, in combination with his gentle manner, have made me a dedicated proponent. Keith is a special man with enormous gifts.”

Debra Levine,
Executive Vice President of a Management Consultant Firm and Mother



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