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Personalized Retreats

A very special time for you, or your group.

Keith offers custom designed retreats and training for individuals, couples and groups in Santa Barbara, Sedona, or at a locale of your choice. The sessions can run from a day up to two weeks long. This will give you the opportunity to work on specific issues with exercises, rituals, meditations and a variety of healing modalities designed specifically for you in an enchanting and relaxed environment. It’s a great way to empower your process and facilitate significant movement in a short period of time!  



"Thank you, Keith, for this past week. It was great to experience your amazing healing presence, guidance and wisdom. The Vision can now actualize!"

~ Dave Levy, CEO On The T Capital

“Keith’s unique psycho-spiritual approach has made me a dedicated proponent. No one has had more insight or more practical and successful strategies for dealing with both my long-standing professional and personal issues than Keith. In one weekend, he compassionately helped me to understand those aspects of my essence that I had long ago disowned and had been struggling with over and over again. Keith is a special man with enormous gifts!”

~ Debra Levine, Executive Vice President of Soul Data

"Keith: You penetrated my heart and uplifted my spirits. Thanks for your enthusiastic reinforcement and gentle challenging way. You combine compassion and thought-provoking insight like few people I have met. …thanks so much!"

~ John Eric Nelson, Managing Partner, Wall Street Without Walls

“Keith has a powerfully gentle way of pointing to what matters, to where obstacles and opportunities reside. During the retreat he encouraged me to take risks and enter territories I didn’t realize existed. He walked alongside, drawing on an amazing range of resources and - this is important - remaining vulnerable and real.”

~ Peter Renner, EdD., Motivational Leader

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